Debbie Folino...Hands of Healing

Providing Therapeutic Massage in Camarillo, CA


I'd gotten so used to pain. It became a part of my life.
I thought I'd never get any relief.
That is, until I went to Debbie.
OK, yes, CPS is something I have to live with,
but by golly, not when Debbie's healing hands
are giving me relief & respite from it!
This woman amazes me in her giftedness.
She has built in radar,
a knowing of exactly the right amount of pressure to apply
and where to tread softly.
An intuition.
It's like she has a blueprint of my body
and all of it's tight 850 muscles
that cry out for relief: TAKE ME TO DEBBIE!
I'm so grateful Providence led me to her.
I knew for many years my body needed massage
but having been molested as a child I was uneasy
with the idea of massage therapy, even though I knew
the marvelous therapeutic benefits of it for me.
Then I found Debbie & the quality of my life
is changed for the better.
I am completely relaxed and at ease with her.
I even find myself humming & whistling after a Debbie massage.
This woman has elevated massage therapy from a mere profession
to a ministry.
Every time I go to her my body sings

Andrea Berka, Camarillo, CA

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